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When you run a business, there are thousands of things running through your mind all at once. And I can almost bet that for some of the things you need to buy (packaging & shipping supplies, printer, etc.) your first thought is “the quicker the better”. 

In some cases, this mentality is fine.You have an order and you just need one bubble mailer - cool, Target run and be done. But what about when you’re shipping out multiple orders per week? Buying one or two bubble mailers at a time can get costly. 

I want to share with you a few resources to help ease your mind and your pockets later. (This post does not contain any affiliate links. The websites and apps listed below do not compensate me in any way for sharing their details with you.)

1. I honestly discovered this gem late in the game. Uline is the goat for literally everything at this point - shipping supplies, packaging, retail supplies (shopping bags) and much more. 

The greatest thing about Uline, in my opinion, is that they offer Net 30 payments. So you can order your supplies and pay the bill later. Now, don’t get crazy of course and spend wisely but this is a great resource for businesses just starting out as you can get items in bulk without immediately breaking the bank. 

2. Canva: my favorite app! I have been using Canva for years. You can create flyers, business cards, presentations and so many other things. I personally have created my logo and my package inserts in this app. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you that this app is FREE! There is of course a paid version that gives you access to more fonts and designs but the free version gives you a wide variety as well.

3. Etsy: a lot of people think Etsy is where you buy cute ornaments and other handmade items but it is in fact so much more. Etsy is actually a goldmine of sellers/businesses that have packaging supplies, ingredients (if you’re a handmade business) and a lot of other things that could be essential to you and your business.

I have purchased so many things for my business from Etsy it’s actually unreal. It’s almost like small business Amazon over there. Plus, it’s nice to support other small businesses while you’re running your own. 

4. YouTube: there are so many tips and tricks on YouTube. Because The AromaCarepy Co is a handmade business there are often times that I need to see something being made vs. just reading a recipe.

Just like Google, YouTube has (almost) everything you need. Want to learn the best way to package your items? There’s a YouTube video for that. Want to learn how to make items by hand? There’s a YouTube video for that. Pricing your items? Of course, there is a video for that! Take advantage of other small business owners providing free insight literally at your fingertips.

There are many other good resources out there that you can access from basically everywhere your cellphone, laptop or tablet can reach. I would also find a biz bestie so that you both can share and swap secrets with one another. Plus it’s always nice to have someone in your corner that knows what you’re going through. 

Stay tuned for more small business tips and tricks!


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