Mix & Match Shower Fizz Bag
Mix & Match Shower Fizz Bag
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Mix & Match Shower Fizz Bag

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The Mix & Match Bag brings you one of every shower scent in one bag. Each fizz/scent will be individually wrapped and labeled inside the bag.

Shower fizzies are similar to bath bombs, except that they are not used to moisturize your skin - they will bring the aromatherapy of the spa directly to your shower.

Available Scents:
Good Life | Dream On | Breathe Again | Feel No Pain | One Sweet Day | Sweetest Taboo | Next Lifetime 

Place the fizzy in the back corner of your shower and allow the steam to rise and create a spa-like experience right at home.

For best result, use before or after soap, shower gel and/or shampoo as to not dilute the scent. Shower fizzies should not be used as bath bombs as the amount of essential oils used within the recipe could cause skin irritation if you decide to soak in them.

Due to the ingredients your shower could be a little slippery after use. Sizing may vary from picture.

Use as directed.


Citric Acid | Baking Soda | Essential Oils | Coconut Oil | Menthol Crystals | Rubbing Alcohol

Please noteproducts are created in a space where sweet almond oil is present. Best efforts are done to prevent cross contamination. sweet almond oil is only used in products where it is listed. Possibility of cross contamination cannot be 100% ruled out. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Potter
Absolutely amazing

I am in love with these. I don't have a bathtub and have been missing bath bombs. These are great for relaxation and when you're feeling under the weather. They really do clear out my sinuses too. I've already ran out and need to order more.

Kimberly Loostrom
Love these!

I don’t have a good bathtub at home, but love hot showers! These smell amazing and help make showers even more relaxing/spa like! I’m also indecisive so getting the variety pack was the best!

Best self care

Hot showers are my favorite thing to distress with, the variety of shower fuzzies just adds to my comfort. They’re great for decongestion and sinus relief. Doesn’t bother my sensitive skin or allergies. Highly recommended.

What a treat!

I do not take baths, but love long, hot showers. These shower fizzies are AMAZING! A bath bomb for showers. I have never seen anything like them! Work very well and I love all the scents! Highly recommend