Peppermint + Rosemary + Lavender Shower Fizz

Peppermint + Rosemary + Lavender Shower Fizz

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Shower fizz are similar to bath bombs, except that they are not used to moisturize your skin - they will bring the aromatherapy of the spa directly to your shower. Each pack will give you two shower fizz.

Place the fizzy in shower to be splashed by water, not saturated. Water will activate the fizzy and the steam will carry the aroma throughout your shower. Do not place directly in the stream of the shower or in front of the drain as this will quickly wash away the fizzy. 

For best result, use before or after soap, shower gel and/or shampoo as to not dilute the scent. Shower fizz should not be used as bath bombs as the amount of essential oils used within the recipe could cause skin irritation if you decide to soak in them.

Due to the ingredients your shower could be a little slippery after use. Sizing may vary from picture. Use as directed.

Citric Acid | Baking Soda | Essential Oils | Menthol Crystals | Rubbing Alcohol

Please noteproducts are created in a space where sweet almond oil is present. Best efforts are done to prevent cross contamination. sweet almond oil is only used in products where it is listed. Possibility of cross contamination cannot be 100% ruled out. 

Customer Reviews

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Christine Imperato
Love Love Love

LOVE THESE!! These smell amazing! I will absolutely buy these again.

Martha Puentes
Amazing Products!

I am obsessed with the shower fizzies!

Andrea Richter
So relaxing!

These fizzies are perfect. They add such a relaxing element to my showers!

Pauli R.
Most relaxing shower ever!

I absolutely love this shower fizzy! It took my shower experience to the next level I didn't want to get out. Definitely recommend !!


The shower steamer gave off a wonderfully refreshing aroma. The smell still lingered even after the steamer was gone.